Who are Hong Kong’s Best Kept Musical Secrets?

Part Two


   By Jamie Elizabeth Ho

There comes a point in every music seeker’s life, where what is readily available through the radio, YouTube and television, becomes stale. They begin to hear the same type of songs, and their musical journey stops at a standstill. This experience happens a little too frequently in Hong Kong. It dominates Hong Kong music especially in the bars surrounding LKF but All That Junk has found one of HK’s dirtiest DJ secrets, GHC.


Genre: Electronic/Hip-hop/Chill/GoodVibes

Musical Influences: Drake, Kanye West, KiD CuDi, Mike Posner, Ghost Style, DoughBoy, Lifehouse, Dashboard Confessional, The Fray, Coldplay, Bearson, Chainsmokers, Bee’s Knees and Tokimonsta.

Why is he one of HK’s Best Kept Musical Secrets?
GHC is definitely a talented dark house in the music scene since turning his musical talents from being a DJ to becoming a producer/singer-songwriter this year. Hearing the beats he creates gives me the chills, and a knowing that he is going to blow up and shake up the Hong Kong music industry in a big revolutionary way. It’s about time Hong Kong gets recognized for its creative musical talent and he has the potential to be an artist who will put Hong Kong on the global map of Music.

Fun fact: GHC is 24herbs’s rapper Ghost Style’s younger brother.

Favorite Hits: “Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings” ( I love how experimental he is as a producer, putting together sounds which you normally wouldn’t assume sounds good as a pair, but when you hear it, it just clicks. It’s got good vibes, a voice with a soul, what more could you ask for?)

“Infatuations” ( A solid track, filled with a great original soundtrack that has you feeling like you’re living your own music video. This track evoked and stirred emotions in me I never knew I had!)

His Message: “For me I feel love conquers everything; when you put your heart into an activity or produce music with love, people feel it. Whether I produce an emo (sad) song, or an upbeat song, the core component is love. I hope that people can connect with my songs and bring a little bit (if not a lot) of joy into their lives as it is a gift to and from the Universe.”

Where you can find him?
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ghcmusic
Instagram: @thelifeofghc

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