Hot Music Happening in SE Asia

The Beatles began in Hamburg. The Strokes, Interpol, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs gained grown in the Lower East Side of New York. Big Bang blew up in Seoul. Cities and music go hand in hand. Movements of music blooms and blossoms within the chaos of urban life even in Hong Kong. All across South East Asia, new music is germinating, taking root, and waiting to be discovered from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok to Singapore. So here’s a brief list of a few cities and the music they’re making.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

The Kanonos
A duo called The Kanonos plays intoxicating garage rock. Their songs provide an excellent soundtrack of expat life and the narrative storytelling style of their music immediately creates a listening intimacy. Trust me you won’t be able to get songs like “Drunk Days” out of your head. It’s just hauntingly that good.

4nthro by Pablo Yang
According to Midnight Music’s Quick Guide, the genre of looping music is “the art of recording layers upon layers live in real time.” Pablo Yang’s production of 4nthro has him playing a one-man band and it can be incredibly mesmerizing to watch him begin playing a keyboard, then loop and play a saxophone, then loop and next play an acoustic guitar with all the previous sounds still jamming around him.

Hong Kong
Still Minds
Still Minds rocks in a soulful manner. They play good old fashion classic rock. It’s Summer of ’69 but modernized and coming from a city with what seems like an endless summer. Lead singer Adrian da Silva writes and sings songs that take you on a journey. Considering the band is here in HK, I won’t write too much and just encourage you to catch one of their live shows.

John Will Sail
Based in Thailand, John Will Sail has been making a career as a singer-songwriter over the last four years. If you live for folk music that touches as well as rocks, John Will Sail is the experience you want to have. His music is passionate as well as melodic. The song, “Summertime”, captures the mixture of both dreamingly well.

Singapore is thriving with good very polished music. A band like Xingfoo&Roy creates their own space in the creative crowd in the “Lion City” with an emo post punk sound that’ll make you think of Something Corporate or Dashboard Confessional especially when you hear the song, “Marla Singer Smokes Winston Reds”.

Phnom Penh
Cambodian Space Project
Let’s get psychedelic with Cambodian Space Project. Listening to this band is a good trip through a hyperloop through time back to the 1960s and once you arrive feeling all mod, they will blast you off again with their big band sound. Their music is flat out fun. The lead singer, Srey Thy, sings with pure passion and joy which you can hear clearly in “Have Visa No Have Rice”.

Hong Kong’s hottest indie psychedelic band, Shumking Mansion, and hot new indie rock band, Turing Apples, along with Rolling Stone-reviewed indie band, Fuzzculture, will playing the music to get your feet dancing at All That Junk’s Indie Rock [email protected]’s Cellar

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