“The Get Down” Junk Boat Party

“The Get Down” Junk Party
by All That Junk

Get Down Junk Boat Party Hong Kong

July 16th, 2017
10 am – 6pm, Central Ferry Pier #10

**********Two Junk Boats***********

+Live music entertainment on board each boat

+Free flow drinks – beer, vodka, gin with assorted mixers and soft drinks

+Homestyle lunch from La Rotisserie

+Fun floaties like flamingos and lemon slices

$620 early bird tickets

After July 10th , all tickets are $700

(If you have a favourite drink not listed above, please feel free to bring your own)

Note: If typhoon signal of 3 or higher is hoisted or an official Black Rainstorm Warning has issued before the junk trip, the event will be canceled. If typhoon signal 3 or higher is hoisted or a Black Rainstorm Warning is issued during the junk trip, for safety issues our junk will return to drop off point immediately regardless of time. No refunds will be given

Beers Vs Cocktails: The Best Picks in Hong Kong

Beer in Hong Kong

By Lauren Codling

From the fanciest cocktails to the best of brewed beer, there are a countless amount of venues in this fun-filled city that can cater to your every need. Here’s a quick guide to the some of the best cocktails and beer in Hong Kong from the island to Kowlown.


19 Elgin St, Central
Have a sweet tooth? No fear, your craving will be satisfied by the fruit daiquiris served at Soirée. Served with a rim of powdered chocolate, the frozen beverages are perfect for date nights in this chic venue.
We recommend: Duh! The strawberry daiquiri with a hint of rose is the gift that keeps giving.

Limewood Shop 103/104 The Pulse, 28 Beach Rd, Repulse Bay
A great spot to hang out with friends, Limewood has a breezy, relaxed vibe that will definitely get you in the holiday mood. Located on the beachfront, this is definitely one of the more Instagrammable places to go for a cocktail.
We recommend: Charred Coconut Pina Colada is a fresh twist on an old classic. One for those summer nights, for sure!

Bao Bei
B1/F, 75-77 Wyndham Street, Central
Known for infusing classic spirits and Asian ingredients, Bao Bei has a fun creative side that is sure to inject some fun into your evening.
We recommend: Typhoon No.10. We pick this for the name alone, though the combination of honey, orange juice and Tanqueray gin is pretty good too.

32 Wyndham St, Central
Dark, intimate lighting, old-school vintage interior and trick mirrors are all part of the fun in this secret bar, filled to the brim with sophisticated cocktails.
We recommend: Ribston Apple is a sharp mixture of cinnamon, apple cider and spiced rum designed to give your taste buds a bit of class in the evening.


The Ale Project
15 Hak Po St, Mong Kok
Mostly filled with local brews, this is an ace venue that has a great crowd. An excellent way to support the local breweries too, we would definitely try to tick this place off the list.
We recommend: Celebration Ale is perfect for a festive feel – the teasing taste of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg is an amazing place to start if you want to try out a HK beer.

Ned Kelly’s Last Stand
11A Ashley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
One of Hong Kong’s oldest pubs, Ned Kelly’s is the place to go if you’re looking for a fun spot with plenty of live music to satisfy your musical cravings. Not so much of a focus on craft beer, but we promise it has one of the best pub vibes in Hong Kong.
We recommend: Anything you fancy – Ned Kelly’s makes sure all your favorites are on tap, so go crazy!

No.5 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Say gutentag to an early night and hallo to Biergarten, a German inspired pub for the beer lovers of Hong Kong. The German themed food is a treat for the tummy too, so definitely make time for a plate of pure Deutsche goodness.
We recommend: Always gotta love the classic Bitburger!

The Bottle Shop
GF, 114 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung
You could be completely overwhelmed by the choices of craft beer to choose from, but no worries – this place has an easy vibe and you’re sure to enjoy picking and choosing from a range of beverages from all over the world.
We recommend: There is literally SO MUCH to choose from but we are going to go for Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer, native from the UK. Our absolute fave!

Another great recommendation is Moonzen & All That Junk presents Live Rock Music where there’ll be cold draft beer and hot live rock!

Moonzen X All That Junk presents Live Rock Music


Moonzen Brewery is opening its doors and allowing All That Junk to party amongst its hallow hops! We’ve got cold craft beer and live hot rock & roll at the Moonzen Brewery where also they will disclose their brewing secrets with a brewery tour.

May 13th, 2017

Brewery tour @ 7pm (for first 30 guests)
Music starts @ 8pm

The bands: David Bowie Knives , DP, The Sleeves, Still Minds

The music rundown:
The David Bowie Knives


The Sleeves

Still Minds

Moonzen Brewery, 2A New East Sun Building, 18 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tung

$200 early bird online includes one pint of craft beer
$250 at the door includes one pint of craft beer
$50 drafts all night

There will be tickets available at the door but they may sell out at anytime. Please be reminded the only way to secure your space for this event is to buy a ticket.

Hong Kong’s Art Scene: The Rights and Wrongs

Art in Hong Kong

By Lauren Codling

The art scene in Hong Kong is seemingly booming; with the major success story of Art Central and a constant fixture of new and interesting art making its way to galleries dotted across the islands, the field appears to be growing from strength to strength. But what is right and wrong about it? We look a little deeper into it to find out more.

What’s Right With It?
A Continued Effort to Create a Future for Hong Kong Art
The Kowloon based M+ visual museum being constructed to open in 2019 is an important sign that Hong Kong continues to take it’s art scene seriously. The recent announcement of Sri-Lankan born Suhanyu Raffel taking over as the Executive Director of the gallery is an exciting one, promising to bring a breath of fresh air to the future of visual art in Hong Kong.

The Community and Passion
Against all odds, the art scene in Hong Kong is thriving. Artists run foundations for support and band together to organise events that can benefit the art world – as a tight-knit local scene, there is a sense of community in the air. Artist-run spaces, such as the independent non-profit gallery Para Site in Quarry Bay, emphasise the local passion and support that manages to keep the art alive.

The Rawness and Accessibility
Once you open your eyes to the Hong Kong streets, you spend so much time wandering and you’ll see art at every corner; the graffiti that lines the alleys, streets and stairways has become something of a constant fixture around the city. From Bradley Theodore’s Karl Lagerfeld skeleton mural in Lan Kwai Fong to the graffiti walk of fame on Argyle Street, the urban jungle allows artists and art lovers to express, explore and enjoy the rawest kind of art that is available.

What’s Wrong With It?
Relying on International Markets
Galleries such as mur Nomade in Aberdeen and Lehmann Maupin on Pedder Street both rely on the European and American market to continue exhibiting artwork. For smaller local galleries, the distance to Europe is a significant issue, with art fairs important but expensive to get to, meaning that they struggle to gain an international reputation against those who can afford it.

Censoring the Voices
A more sinister side to the world of art within Hong Kong are the issues regarding censorship. Private galleries and the general public are afraid to upset the government, as political issues are becoming more and more threatening to those who oppose them. A light show on the ICC was pulled in May after local pro-democracy artists Sampson Wong and Jason Lam projected a guerrilla protest art piece down the side of the building; just one incident of many where artists are silenced.

Discover art & cultural events happening throughout the city on The Hong Kong Events Calendar by All That Junk