Indie Rock Music Grappas Hong Kong
All That Junk presents

an indie rock party of the ages
showcasing the some of hottest bands
in Southeast Asia

Featuring rock bands: Turing Apples & Shumking Mansion
Plus special guest band: Fuzzculture
& an indie music DJ set by Ze Macedo

Rolling Stone India said of Fuzzculture, “If you know how to start a party, you’re doing electronic music right…[Fuzzculture] are doing exactly that.”

So we’re put together some of the best electronic rock in Southeast Asia for you.
Learn more about the bands:
Turing Apples –
Shumking Mansion –
Fuzzculture –
DJ Ze Macedo –

Entrance w/one free drink:
$180 early bird
$200 regular
$250 at the door
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Sounds of Summer 2017

Sounds Of Summer 2017

by Maryssa Beale

It’s that time of the year again. All That Junk‘s Official Sounds of Summer playlist is here to kick this season off right.

1. Calvin Harris- Slide (featuring Migos and Frank Ocean)

This list isn’t a ranking but there is no better place for this song than at the number one spot. It’s our pick for the for this year’s song of the summer.

2. Beth Ditto- Savior Faire

A solo album from Gossip‘s lead singer has probably been a longtime coming and we’re extremely grateful that it has finally arrived. A good piece of advice would be to give the whole album a listen.

3. Drake- Passionfruit

This is Drake’s first solo feature on our Sounds of Summer playlist and it is well deserved. Drake doesn’t just have one of the best song’s this summer but a song EVERY summer.

4. Miley Cyrus- Malibu

Yes, Miley’s return to country-pop is not without controversy. However, this song is legit and it’s good to see her go back to her roots. It’s less awkward and uncomfortable for all of us.

5. Three Rings- Grizzly Bear

Everyone’s favorite Brooklyn band returns with another chill track. This song is refreshing, original, and somehow still sounds like their classics. A good teaser until the album drops later this year.

6. Sylvan Esso- Die Young

This song and a strong second album prove that the sophmore slump isn’t applicable to every band with a succusful debut.

7. Kygo- It Ain’t Me (Featuring Selena Gomez)

Selena been laying low for the past few months but this song is a return to form. Hopefully its a sign of more tracks to come.

8. Sampha- Blood on Me

The best way to listen to this song is live. We highly recommend checking him out next time he’s in your town.

9. Lorde- Green Light

Lorde is back and dropping great hits like she hasn’t been gone for years. Welcome back and please don’t leave us again.

10. SZA- Drew Barrymore

All you need to know is that this song is great and Drew Barrymore makes a brief cameo in the video which means you should check it out sooner rather than later.

Honorable Mentions

Humble by Kendrick Lamar
Everything Now by Arcade Fire
Still Beating by Mac DemMarco

Special Honorable Mention

Deez Hands (Featuring Quinta B) by Swizzymack

You may recognize Quinta from Buzzfeed or her viral meme’s on the internet but this song (first launched as a meme) proves that she is more than an internet sensation.

Hong Kong’s hottest indie psychedelic band, Shumking Mansion, and hot new indie rock band, Turing Apples, along with Rolling Stone-reviewed indie band, Fuzzculture, will playing the music to get your feet dancing at All That Junk’s Indie Rock [email protected]’s Cellar

Hong Kong’s Art Scene: The Rights and Wrongs

Art in Hong Kong

By Lauren Codling

The art scene in Hong Kong is seemingly booming; with the major success story of Art Central and a constant fixture of new and interesting art making its way to galleries dotted across the islands, the field appears to be growing from strength to strength. But what is right and wrong about it? We look a little deeper into it to find out more.

What’s Right With It?
A Continued Effort to Create a Future for Hong Kong Art
The Kowloon based M+ visual museum being constructed to open in 2019 is an important sign that Hong Kong continues to take it’s art scene seriously. The recent announcement of Sri-Lankan born Suhanyu Raffel taking over as the Executive Director of the gallery is an exciting one, promising to bring a breath of fresh air to the future of visual art in Hong Kong.

The Community and Passion
Against all odds, the art scene in Hong Kong is thriving. Artists run foundations for support and band together to organise events that can benefit the art world – as a tight-knit local scene, there is a sense of community in the air. Artist-run spaces, such as the independent non-profit gallery Para Site in Quarry Bay, emphasise the local passion and support that manages to keep the art alive.

The Rawness and Accessibility
Once you open your eyes to the Hong Kong streets, you spend so much time wandering and you’ll see art at every corner; the graffiti that lines the alleys, streets and stairways has become something of a constant fixture around the city. From Bradley Theodore’s Karl Lagerfeld skeleton mural in Lan Kwai Fong to the graffiti walk of fame on Argyle Street, the urban jungle allows artists and art lovers to express, explore and enjoy the rawest kind of art that is available.

What’s Wrong With It?
Relying on International Markets
Galleries such as mur Nomade in Aberdeen and Lehmann Maupin on Pedder Street both rely on the European and American market to continue exhibiting artwork. For smaller local galleries, the distance to Europe is a significant issue, with art fairs important but expensive to get to, meaning that they struggle to gain an international reputation against those who can afford it.

Censoring the Voices
A more sinister side to the world of art within Hong Kong are the issues regarding censorship. Private galleries and the general public are afraid to upset the government, as political issues are becoming more and more threatening to those who oppose them. A light show on the ICC was pulled in May after local pro-democracy artists Sampson Wong and Jason Lam projected a guerrilla protest art piece down the side of the building; just one incident of many where artists are silenced.

Discover art & cultural events happening throughout the city on The Hong Kong Events Calendar by All That Junk

ICYMI: Under the Radar Hits

In Case You Missed It: Under the Radar Hits

by Maryssa Beale

To quote the great Chance the Rapper, “When the praises go up, the blessings come down.” Well, we must have praised the music Gods a lot due to all of the fantastic albums consistently falling in our laps.  Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kanye have all dropped some of their best albums this year. Even the elusive Frank Ocean decided to emerge from his hidden studio to release two albums last month. All of this to say, that there may have been some killer hits that you missed during all of the surprise album releases.

All That Junk’s In Case You Missed It’s mission is to inform you of the things that you might have failed to notice in music, movies, tv, and all things pop culture. Join us this week as we reveal tracks that haven’t gotten their fair shakes.

1. Best to You by Blood Orange

Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes has written for larger acts such as Solange Knowles, Florence and the Machine, and The Chemical Brothers which like other singer/songwriters could overshadow his solo career. But Hynes’ terrific album, Freetown Sound, looms over his prolific song writing career and will be on multiple Best Of  lists in December.

2. Higher by Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen will never have another hit bigger than Call Me Maybe. This is a fact. However, Jepsen has a strong and loyal fan base, albeit smaller than most pop idols, that keeps her from being a definite one hit wonder. Higher is one of the catchiest tracks from Emotion B Side. After listening to the B sides, make sure to revisit the original album.

3. Collect on My Love ft. Alex Newell by the Knocks

Listen to this song. It is joyous and wonderful and yet you probably haven’t heard of it. That is all.

4.  Parking Lot by Anderson.Paak

How many rappers do you know can jump on the drums halfway through performing? The answer is none and even if they did none can command the stage from behind their kit better than Anderson.Paak. You might’ve heard of him on Dr. Dre’s Compton but Paak’s latest album, Malibu is where he really shines. Our suggestion is to try to catch him live next time he’s in town.

5. Strive ft. Missy Elliott by A$AP Ferg

The latest album title from A$AP Ferg, Always Strive and Prosper, sounds like a catchy name for a self-help book, which is fitting since Strive featuring Missy Elliott is the most motivational song on this playlist.

6. Youth by Glass Animals

This band’s tracks have been described as a “tropical fantasyland” to just being down right wacky. Despite the noticeable shift in tone for their sophomore album, we hesitate to predict that they’ll be in a slump.

7. Real Love Baby by Father John Misty

I Love You, Honeybear was one of our favorite albums of 2015 and Real Love Baby plays like the track that got removed at the last minute. Father John Misty isn’t expected to release an album in the near future but this track will hold us over until then.

8. 33 God by Bon Iver

If the tracklisting is any indication, this is set to be one of Bon Iver’s weirdest albums but this song shows that it might be a good thing.

9. Fountain of Youth by Local Natives

I would enjoy this song even if the message wasn’t to listen to us kids. This song and other tracks from their upcoming third album display growth and a much needed change from the somber tracks of their sophomore outing.

10. Running with the Wolves by Aurora

In this case, we saved the youngest for last but we don’t say that to diminish the talent of this young artist hailing from Norway.

Keep An Eye Out For:

Warpaint, Heads Up
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam, I Had A Dream That You Were Mine
Phantogram, Three

#ICYMI Bonus: Summer may be coming to an end but it’s never to late to listen to the Sounds of Summer or join our End of Summer Party, a two-junk boat party with live music.


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