Moonzen X All That Junk presents Live Rock Music


Moonzen Brewery is opening its doors and allowing All That Junk to party amongst its hallow hops! We’ve got cold craft beer and live hot rock & roll at the Moonzen Brewery where also they will disclose their brewing secrets with a brewery tour.

May 13th, 2017

Brewery tour @ 7pm (for first 30 guests)
Music starts @ 8pm

The bands: David Bowie Knives , DP, The Sleeves, Still Minds

The music rundown:
The David Bowie Knives


The Sleeves

Still Minds

Moonzen Brewery, 2A New East Sun Building, 18 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tung

$200 early bird online includes one pint of craft beer
$250 at the door includes one pint of craft beer
$50 drafts all night

There will be tickets available at the door but they may sell out at anytime. Please be reminded the only way to secure your space for this event is to buy a ticket.

All That Junk’s Indie Rock Show

Who say’s Hong Kong doesn’t have live music?
All That Junk is coming onto land to bring you a rooftop party and a live music gig. We’ve got four indie rock bands. We’ve got two floors. Plus we’ve got two drinks, finger food and BYOB all night just for you.

The music rundown:
Modern Children

Shumking Mansion

Deer Mx


Date: Feb 11th, 2017
Time: 8pm
Place: After4 Studio, 101 Tung Chau Street, Tai Kok Tsui
Cost: $200 early bird w/two drinks and finger food
$250 at the door
Byob all night and $30 drink tickets are available

Premium Sofa Club

Premium Sofa Club


By Sandeep Sharma

Thanks to the constant efforts of Lucas Luraka, the owner and DJ of Premium Sofa Club, this nightclub has become an affordable and immensely fun staple of Hong Kong nightlife so as Premium is about to relocate to a new location, All That Junk gets nostalgic and takes a quick peek back at the original club.

Be careful while climbing down the smoke-filled stairs to the club and remember to use the hand-rail. The tense beats pulsating from the thumping amplifiers are only further heightened by the iridescent lights radiated by the various ‘light machines’. Plush sofas and burnished tables adorn the candle-illuminated room.

The streets of Sheung Wan at midnight don’t usually come to mind when one thinks of a night out, but Premium Sofa Lounge begs to differ. If you walk too fast, you might just miss the open door leading to the underground club. The variety of genres rages from Italo, Cosmic, Balearic, Funk, Boogie, underground house and disco, new wave, acid, vaporwave, sometimes old school hip hop and French pop as well. It was a humid and gloomy Friday night when I decided to venture into this underground club for the first time. The concept of bringing your own booze and paying a minimal entry fee appealed to the miserly college student in me and I found myself descending down the white staircase into a smoky room.

The diversity of the people at the club was astounding – crammed with college students, exchange students, working professionals and travelers – quite a far cry from your atypical ‘LKF Bar’ crew – or as my acquaintance aptly described the crowd as ‘the hipster students at SCAD’. The DJs at Premium Sofa Lounge begin their set at midnight and the party continues into the wee hours of the morning, when the weary retire to bed but only the persistent remain. The club itself is conveniently located next to the Sheung Wan MTR station as well as the nearby 7-11, allowing revelers the benefit of tanking up on affordable alcohol and convenience of location, all for a reasonable entry price.

The owner of Premium is an eccentric man named Lucas, who I found constantly bustling all over the place and making wonderful small talk with the party-goers. He even went ahead to offer everyone freshly baked pizza at the end of the night, which is exactly what you need when the alcohol (et all the other substances) begins to wear off and the pain of the upcoming morning rears its ugly head.

All-in-all, Premium Sofa Club offers fantastic heady beats, a fantastic atmosphere and the chance to bring your own booze for a minimal entry free. The crowd at the club is chatty and friendly, with Lucas providing and caring for his customers all through the night. It’s particularly worth a visit during the nights where they host events, such as Heart of Darkness amongst others.

Keep track of Premium Sofa Club’s August 5th re-locating party on the Facebook event page here – Premium Sofa Club – Re-locating Party!


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