Beers Vs Cocktails: The Best Picks in Hong Kong

Beer in Hong Kong

By Lauren Codling

From the fanciest cocktails to the best of brewed beer, there are a countless amount of venues in this fun-filled city that can cater to your every need. Here’s a quick guide to the some of the best cocktails and beer in Hong Kong from the island to Kowlown.


19 Elgin St, Central
Have a sweet tooth? No fear, your craving will be satisfied by the fruit daiquiris served at Soirée. Served with a rim of powdered chocolate, the frozen beverages are perfect for date nights in this chic venue.
We recommend: Duh! The strawberry daiquiri with a hint of rose is the gift that keeps giving.

Limewood Shop 103/104 The Pulse, 28 Beach Rd, Repulse Bay
A great spot to hang out with friends, Limewood has a breezy, relaxed vibe that will definitely get you in the holiday mood. Located on the beachfront, this is definitely one of the more Instagrammable places to go for a cocktail.
We recommend: Charred Coconut Pina Colada is a fresh twist on an old classic. One for those summer nights, for sure!

Bao Bei
B1/F, 75-77 Wyndham Street, Central
Known for infusing classic spirits and Asian ingredients, Bao Bei has a fun creative side that is sure to inject some fun into your evening.
We recommend: Typhoon No.10. We pick this for the name alone, though the combination of honey, orange juice and Tanqueray gin is pretty good too.

32 Wyndham St, Central
Dark, intimate lighting, old-school vintage interior and trick mirrors are all part of the fun in this secret bar, filled to the brim with sophisticated cocktails.
We recommend: Ribston Apple is a sharp mixture of cinnamon, apple cider and spiced rum designed to give your taste buds a bit of class in the evening.


The Ale Project
15 Hak Po St, Mong Kok
Mostly filled with local brews, this is an ace venue that has a great crowd. An excellent way to support the local breweries too, we would definitely try to tick this place off the list.
We recommend: Celebration Ale is perfect for a festive feel – the teasing taste of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg is an amazing place to start if you want to try out a HK beer.

Ned Kelly’s Last Stand
11A Ashley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
One of Hong Kong’s oldest pubs, Ned Kelly’s is the place to go if you’re looking for a fun spot with plenty of live music to satisfy your musical cravings. Not so much of a focus on craft beer, but we promise it has one of the best pub vibes in Hong Kong.
We recommend: Anything you fancy – Ned Kelly’s makes sure all your favorites are on tap, so go crazy!

No.5 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Say gutentag to an early night and hallo to Biergarten, a German inspired pub for the beer lovers of Hong Kong. The German themed food is a treat for the tummy too, so definitely make time for a plate of pure Deutsche goodness.
We recommend: Always gotta love the classic Bitburger!

The Bottle Shop
GF, 114 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung
You could be completely overwhelmed by the choices of craft beer to choose from, but no worries – this place has an easy vibe and you’re sure to enjoy picking and choosing from a range of beverages from all over the world.
We recommend: There is literally SO MUCH to choose from but we are going to go for Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer, native from the UK. Our absolute fave!

Another great recommendation is Moonzen & All That Junk presents Live Rock Music where there’ll be cold draft beer and hot live rock!

Billy Boozer’s – Kowloon’s Best Dive Bar?

Billy Boozer’s – Kowloon’s Best Dive Bar?


By Sandeep Sharma

When you tell an expat about a dive bar in Hong Kong, the first image in their minds is that of a seedy bar on the 5th floor of a dilapidated building in the run down streets of Mong Kok. In reality, Billy Boozers’ is just your run of the mill student and football fan bar where the drinks are cheap and you can occasionally find students gyrating on tabletops.

Located in Kowloon Tong, Billy Boozers’ is the unofficial go-to student bar for the students at City University of Hong Kong and Baptist University. Locals also frequent it especially during popular soccer matches. It has an unassuming appearance of an old school pub, a few TV’s , a dart board , no dress code and a popular rule – no leaving sober. Monday night is the go-to Billy’s Nights when there’s $25 HKD for double – whiskey coke, cheap beer towers, and fries has ruined Tuesday 9 am classes for years.

The crowd is friendly and excited as the football matches have the locals and international students hugging or crying – depending on whom you supported- but undoubtedly, the most amazing aspect of Billy’s is Marty Poon – the owner of Billy’s and the man personally responsible for ensuring that I never woke up before 1 pm the next day. With his iconic man-bun and infectious energy, Marty has always been a favorite of the exchange students who regularly keep in touch with him and pop into Billy’s for a few “easy drinks”.

In a city like Hong Kong where the first round of drinks is 1/10 my monthly allowance and everybody is donning Prada or Steve Madden, it’s refreshing to have a pub like Billy’s where the drinks are cheap and there is no air of pretentiousness that is so often associated with pubs in Soho and Lan Kwai Fong,

It caters to the needs of the customers and more often than not you can’t help but want to sip a cocktail at a bar where the lady next to you isn’t the wife of a banker.

Marty from Billy Boozer’s isn’t the only person who knows how to party. We’re partying for All That Junk‘s 1st Anniversary Party. Come join us 🙂 

Who are Hong Kong’s Best Kept Musical Secrets?

Who are Hong Kong’s Best Kept Musical Secrets?

Part Two


   By Jamie Elizabeth Ho

There comes a point in every music seeker’s life, where what is readily available through the radio, YouTube and television, becomes stale. They begin to hear the same type of songs, and their musical journey stops at a standstill. This experience happens a little too frequently in Hong Kong. It dominates Hong Kong music especially in the bars surrounding LKF but All That Junk has found one of HK’s dirtiest DJ secrets, GHC.


Genre: Electronic/Hip-hop/Chill/GoodVibes

Musical Influences: Drake, Kanye West, KiD CuDi, Mike Posner, Ghost Style, DoughBoy, Lifehouse, Dashboard Confessional, The Fray, Coldplay, Bearson, Chainsmokers, Bee’s Knees and Tokimonsta.

Why is he one of HK’s Best Kept Musical Secrets?
GHC is definitely a talented dark house in the music scene since turning his musical talents from being a DJ to becoming a producer/singer-songwriter this year. Hearing the beats he creates gives me the chills, and a knowing that he is going to blow up and shake up the Hong Kong music industry in a big revolutionary way. It’s about time Hong Kong gets recognized for its creative musical talent and he has the potential to be an artist who will put Hong Kong on the global map of Music.

Fun fact: GHC is 24herbs’s rapper Ghost Style’s younger brother.

Favorite Hits: “Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings” ( I love how experimental he is as a producer, putting together sounds which you normally wouldn’t assume sounds good as a pair, but when you hear it, it just clicks. It’s got good vibes, a voice with a soul, what more could you ask for?)

“Infatuations” ( A solid track, filled with a great original soundtrack that has you feeling like you’re living your own music video. This track evoked and stirred emotions in me I never knew I had!)

His Message: “For me I feel love conquers everything; when you put your heart into an activity or produce music with love, people feel it. Whether I produce an emo (sad) song, or an upbeat song, the core component is love. I hope that people can connect with my songs and bring a little bit (if not a lot) of joy into their lives as it is a gift to and from the Universe.”

Where you can find him?
Instagram: @thelifeofghc

If you’re curiosity is peaked and you want to find more of Hong Kong’s music secrets, read about more of Jamie’s music discoveries and view the All That Junk YouTube for exclusive interviews with some of HK’s underground bands.

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ICYMI: Under the Radar Hits

In Case You Missed It: Under the Radar Hits

by Maryssa Beale

To quote the great Chance the Rapper, “When the praises go up, the blessings come down.” Well, we must have praised the music Gods a lot due to all of the fantastic albums consistently falling in our laps.  Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kanye have all dropped some of their best albums this year. Even the elusive Frank Ocean decided to emerge from his hidden studio to release two albums last month. All of this to say, that there may have been some killer hits that you missed during all of the surprise album releases.

All That Junk’s In Case You Missed It’s mission is to inform you of the things that you might have failed to notice in music, movies, tv, and all things pop culture. Join us this week as we reveal tracks that haven’t gotten their fair shakes.

1. Best to You by Blood Orange

Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes has written for larger acts such as Solange Knowles, Florence and the Machine, and The Chemical Brothers which like other singer/songwriters could overshadow his solo career. But Hynes’ terrific album, Freetown Sound, looms over his prolific song writing career and will be on multiple Best Of  lists in December.

2. Higher by Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen will never have another hit bigger than Call Me Maybe. This is a fact. However, Jepsen has a strong and loyal fan base, albeit smaller than most pop idols, that keeps her from being a definite one hit wonder. Higher is one of the catchiest tracks from Emotion B Side. After listening to the B sides, make sure to revisit the original album.

3. Collect on My Love ft. Alex Newell by the Knocks

Listen to this song. It is joyous and wonderful and yet you probably haven’t heard of it. That is all.

4.  Parking Lot by Anderson.Paak

How many rappers do you know can jump on the drums halfway through performing? The answer is none and even if they did none can command the stage from behind their kit better than Anderson.Paak. You might’ve heard of him on Dr. Dre’s Compton but Paak’s latest album, Malibu is where he really shines. Our suggestion is to try to catch him live next time he’s in town.

5. Strive ft. Missy Elliott by A$AP Ferg

The latest album title from A$AP Ferg, Always Strive and Prosper, sounds like a catchy name for a self-help book, which is fitting since Strive featuring Missy Elliott is the most motivational song on this playlist.

6. Youth by Glass Animals

This band’s tracks have been described as a “tropical fantasyland” to just being down right wacky. Despite the noticeable shift in tone for their sophomore album, we hesitate to predict that they’ll be in a slump.

7. Real Love Baby by Father John Misty

I Love You, Honeybear was one of our favorite albums of 2015 and Real Love Baby plays like the track that got removed at the last minute. Father John Misty isn’t expected to release an album in the near future but this track will hold us over until then.

8. 33 God by Bon Iver

If the tracklisting is any indication, this is set to be one of Bon Iver’s weirdest albums but this song shows that it might be a good thing.

9. Fountain of Youth by Local Natives

I would enjoy this song even if the message wasn’t to listen to us kids. This song and other tracks from their upcoming third album display growth and a much needed change from the somber tracks of their sophomore outing.

10. Running with the Wolves by Aurora

In this case, we saved the youngest for last but we don’t say that to diminish the talent of this young artist hailing from Norway.

Keep An Eye Out For:

Warpaint, Heads Up
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam, I Had A Dream That You Were Mine
Phantogram, Three

#ICYMI Bonus: Summer may be coming to an end but it’s never to late to listen to the Sounds of Summer or join our End of Summer Party, a two-junk boat party with live music.


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