All That Junk’s 1st Anniversary Party

All That Junk’s
1st Anniversary Party

May 12th @ Social Room – 7:30pm

It’s All That Junk‘s birthday so we’re inviting you to join our bday celebration! And we are going to be giving YOU gifts…and two awesome live bands…and music from one of HK’s best DJs…and more from our excellent sponsors!!!

$150 includes one drink and delicious food
provided by Social Room

The Performers
Shumking Mansion, psychedelic rock that will make you dance

Other Theories, carfully considered rock music for your ears

GHC, one of Hong Kong’s best music secret and DJ

***Also learn more about both bands from soon to be released video interview exclusives***

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Sounds of Summer

Sounds of Summer 2016


by Maryssa Beale

Summer is right around the corner and All That Junk has the ultimate playlist for you to enjoy all summer long.

1. The Internet- Get Away

This soul band is known more for its members Syd tha Kid and Matt Martains who are apart of the rap collective Odd Future but this album serves as a reminder that they should be known for more than being apart of Tyler the Creator’s squad.

2. Alicia Keys- In Common

This girl continues her streak of putting out songs that are on fire. If this song is an indicator of the direction her new album will follow then we can’t wait for the rest of the album to be released.

3. Ariana Grande- Side by Side (featuring Nicki Minaj)

Baby Mariah strikes again. Dangerous Woman is a strong album filled with numerous tracks that could easily be on this list including Let Me Love You featuring a verse from Lil’ Wayne. However nothing can top a great feature from Nicki.

4. Christine and the Queens- iT

I can’t think of catchier lyrics that deal with gender identity than the ones you’ll be singing along with in this song. Released a year ago this song was thrown into popularity after being featured in a recent episode of Girls.

5. Miike Snow- Genghis Khan

Comparing your jealously to a ruthless Mongolian warrior and emperor is extreme but as long as long Miike Snow sticks to singing instead of conquering we should be fine.


KAYTRANADA’s debut album, 99.9%, is an accurate title for an album that encompasses a blend of almost every genre. This is our favorite song off the album but every track is worth a listen.

7. Flume- Never Be Like You (Disclosure Remix)

How does one improve upon a Flume track? Add a remix by one of the hottest DJ duo’s out there right now.

8. Pools- Blue

No playlist is complete without a song that doesn’t let you chill and catch your breath for a bit.

9. Santigold- Who Be Lovin’ Me (featuring ILOVEMAKONNEN)

The video for this track was shot during Santigold’s set at Jay-Z’s Made in America festival. The visuals and the song are just pure joy.

10. Rihanna- Consideration

Rihanna‘s Anti is considered to be her best album yet. This track won’t get as much play as Work but it’s her opening track and our closer for a reason.

Honorable Mentions

Cheap Thrills by Sia

Panda by Desiigner

This is What You Came For by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna

One Dance by Drake

Champagne Problems by Nick Jonas

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Mysterious Celebrity Boat Deaths – The Last Chapter

Mysterious Celebrity Boat Deaths
The Last Chapter

Celebrity Junk Boat Hong Kong DeathsBy Ben Appleby

All That Junk brings you the last chapter of mysterious celebrity boat deaths. Hong Kong’s junk boat trips may be sun-drenched and alcohol tainted but everyone seems to find their way safely back to Pier 9. These poor souls have not.

Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood was one of the biggest Hollywood movie stars of her day, appearing in classics like Rebel Without a Cause and West Side Story. She was as well known for her tumultuous private life as she was for her acting career, having been married twice to fellow actor Robert Wagner, and being a regular on the Hollywood social scene for nearly three decades. In 1981 she was partying on a yacht off the coast of California with her husband, Wagner, and the actor Christopher Walken, who she was then filming the movie Brainstorm. Nobody knows (or admits to knowing) what actually happened that night, but the next morning her somewhat battered and bruised body was found floating in the water a mile away, near the yacht’s dingy which had been beached on the shore. The inquest declared it to be an accident, but recently the LA coroner reopened the case after the boat’s captain admitted having lied about the fact that the couple had fought that night, and changed the verdict to “undetermined”.

Suspicious? Her relationship with Wagner was famously rocky, and the presence of the dingy on a beach indicated that she had at least been alive when she left the boat. The captain of the yacht blames Wagner for her death, but let’s be honest, the presence of creepy Christopher Walken is also a factor in this. There’s no evidence to suggest that he was involved, but you must admit that Christopher Walken does look really creepy.

How to Avoid the same fate: If you get divorced, stay divorced. And you may be noticing a theme here, but try to avoid getting stupid drunk on a boat with other drunk people. Also, doing a headcount of passengers before bed doesn’t hurt.

John Jacob Astor IV

To buy into this mystery you kinda have to already be a bit of conspiracy nut, so consider yourself warned. In 1912, the JJ Astor IV drowned in the sinking of the Titanic. He was the most famous (and possibly richest) person on board, and while his pregnant wife and child survived, the “women and children first” policy meant that he went down with the ship, presumably while puffing on a cigar in a dignified fashion. He was famous enough for his death to be given almost equal prominence in newspaper headlines along with the news that the ship had sunk with over 1,500 other people. So here’s the conspiracy theory: White Star Lines, the company that built the Titanic was owned by JP Morgan, one of the richest men alive. At the time, there was a large debate going on about how the USA ran it’s finances. JP Morgan, amongst others, was a strong supporter of the formation of what we now know as the US Federal Reserve, an institution that I totally don’t understand, but seems to be at the heart of most paranoid theories about a secret world government. JJ Astor, and the wider Astor family were very much against the formation of the Fed. Morgan himself was due to sail on the ship, along with many other powerful figures of the day, but changed his plans at the last moment. The theory goes that the ship that sank that fateful night wasn’t even the Titanic, but it’s sister ship the Olympic, which Morgan deliberately sank in order to take out his rivals.

Suspicious? The sinking of the Titanic is an event so iconic that it would be weird if there weren’t conspiracies surrounding it. The idea that the boat that sank wasn’t even the Titanic is a little hard to swallow, but the notion that a powerful robber baron / captain of industry like JP Morgan was willing to murder over 1,500 people to hide the deaths of just a handful of wealthy rivals is almost too terrifying to contemplate.

How to Avoid a Similar Fate: If we assume that the theory is correct (which it obviously isn’t), then really the only thing to do is buy your own megayacht, and surround yourself with enough other important people that you can’t all get killed without someone asking questions.

Have all these stories of untimely nautical doom made you ready to pop your own magnum of Champagne and play Big Pimpin on a yacht like a real celeb? You can find some of Hong Kong’s best boating adventure deals here. Also you can read the first chapter of Mysterious Celebrity Boat Deaths here.


Mysterious Celebrity Boat Deaths – Chapter 1

Mysterious Celebrity Boat Deaths

Chapter 1

PSP HK Junk Boat Party 20

By Ben Appleby

 As anyone who’s found themselves casually planning a murder knows, a boat is an excellent place to kill someone (especially in Hong Kong where the sea is the only limitless space). On the sea, there’s a limited amount of witnesses, a very easy means of disposing the corpse, and a whole load of legal gray areas if you wait till you’re in international waters. Add to that the various other pleasures of boating; alcohol, swimwear, the ability to pee wherever you want, and you’ve got a recipe for a fun and fatal weekend. So if you’re rich, famous, and looking to leave a mysterious legacy, you could do worse than this lot:


Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson was the drummer for the Beach Boys and is notable for being the only one of the Beach Boys who knew how to surf. He’s slightly more notable for his friendship with notorious 60’s murderer and cult leader Charles Manson, a friendship that he was only able to escape by moving out of his house and abandoning it to Manson’s deranged followers. In 1983, he drowned after diving off his yacht while it lay at anchor.

The story goes that he was looking for items that he had chucked into the sea several years earlier. After a day of heavy drinking, he dove into the water and surprisingly came up with a picture of his ex-wife, that he had recovered from the sea bed. He then dove again and never surfaced. Dennis was a bit of a prankster, so it was assumed he was playing a joke and had swum off to a local bar, until his body was found an hour later.

Suspicious? The death of anyone who hung out with Charlie Manson in the 60’s is automatically suspicious. Also, long running legal wranglings over the Beach Boys’ back catalogue and royalties provide an excellent motive.

How to avoid the same fate: Try to get married less than four times to limit the amount of personal possessions you might wish to destroy and don’t make friends with Charles Manson. Also, don’t go swimming in freezing cold water while utterly shitfaced, obviously.


Robert Maxwell

Robert Maxwell was an 80’s newspaper baron in the Rupert Murdoch vein, except he built his empire himself, and unlike Murdoch, didn’t inherit jack shit. In 1991, he disappeared from his yacht near the Canary Islands, and his death triggered the revelation that he’d been keeping his media empire afloat by raiding the company pension fund. By the time they found his body, his empire was collapsing, and suspicions began to swirl.

Maxwell was a man with many enemies. He sued anyone who looked at him funny, left a trail of angry business partners in his wake, and was rumoured to be an agent for the Israeli Secret Service. Allegedly it was him who helped catch the man who exposed Israel’s nuclear weapons program, and the Israel connection has kept conspiracies surrounding his death alive for years.

Suspicious? Oh yeah. As a media baron he had dirt on just about everyone, and his links to the Israeli secret service invite a whole realm of wild speculation.

How to avoid the same fate: Don’t cross Mossad. Or their enemies. Or the British Government. Or to make things easier, don’t get drunk on a boat in the middle of the night with no one else around to notice if you fall off. Quite something to add to the junk boat checklist.


Thomas H Ince

It’s a bit of a tragedy that movie mogul Thomas Ince is best remembered for the shady circumstances of his death, because had his life not been cut short he could have been one of the biggest figures in the Golden Age of Hollywood. In 1924, he was on the yacht of newspaper kingpin William Randolph Hearst, along with a band of bright young Hollywood stars, including Charlie Chaplin, and Hearst’s mistress, actress Marion Davies. Ince was taken off the boat after suffering “indigestion” on the night of his 42nd birthday, and died in hospital a few days later.

Rumours immediately began to swirl alleging that Ince’s indigestion was a cover story to hide the fact that he’d been shot. There’s a thousand different versions of what might have happened, but the most common is that Hearst had caught his mistress with Charlie Chaplin, and in the fight that ensued, accidentally shot Ince. Nothing was ever proven, but the idea of the man that Citizen Kane is based on could be a murderer cemented the rumour into Hollywood legend.

Suspicious?  Oh yeah. Everyone who was on the yacht received a great deal of help in their careers from Hearst in the aftermath, and while the celebrities might have kept silent, their servants did not. Chaplin’s valet told his wife that he had seen Ince being taken off the boat bleeding from a gunshot wound, and an investigation from the local District attorney did nothing to quell the rumours.

How to Avoid the Same Fate: Hard to say, since the one thing most of the different narratives agree on is that Ince was an accidental victim. But it is safe to assume that drinking in the presence of firearms probably isn’t a good idea.

Note: You’ve read through this whole long article and now wonder where’s Natalie Wood. Well, wait for the next chapter of Mysterious Celebrity Boat Deaths is now available on All That Blog...

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