Billy Boozer’s – Kowloon’s Best Dive Bar?

Billy Boozer’s – Kowloon’s Best Dive Bar?


By Sandeep Sharma

When you tell an expat about a dive bar in Hong Kong, the first image in their minds is that of a seedy bar on the 5th floor of a dilapidated building in the run down streets of Mong Kok. In reality, Billy Boozers’ is just your run of the mill student and football fan bar where the drinks are cheap and you can occasionally find students gyrating on tabletops.

Located in Kowloon Tong, Billy Boozers’ is the unofficial go-to student bar for the students at City University of Hong Kong and Baptist University. Locals also frequent it especially during popular soccer matches. It has an unassuming appearance of an old school pub, a few TV’s , a dart board , no dress code and a popular rule – no leaving sober. Monday night is the go-to Billy’s Nights when there’s $25 HKD for double – whiskey coke, cheap beer towers, and fries has ruined Tuesday 9 am classes for years.

The crowd is friendly and excited as the football matches have the locals and international students hugging or crying – depending on whom you supported- but undoubtedly, the most amazing aspect of Billy’s is Marty Poon – the owner of Billy’s and the man personally responsible for ensuring that I never woke up before 1 pm the next day. With his iconic man-bun and infectious energy, Marty has always been a favorite of the exchange students who regularly keep in touch with him and pop into Billy’s for a few “easy drinks”.

In a city like Hong Kong where the first round of drinks is 1/10 my monthly allowance and everybody is donning Prada or Steve Madden, it’s refreshing to have a pub like Billy’s where the drinks are cheap and there is no air of pretentiousness that is so often associated with pubs in Soho and Lan Kwai Fong,

It caters to the needs of the customers and more often than not you can’t help but want to sip a cocktail at a bar where the lady next to you isn’t the wife of a banker.

Marty from Billy Boozer’s isn’t the only person who knows how to party. We’re partying for All That Junk‘s 1st Anniversary Party. Come join us 🙂 

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