Indie Rock Music Grappas Hong Kong
All That Junk presents

an indie rock party of the ages
showcasing the some of hottest bands
in Southeast Asia

Featuring rock bands: Turing Apples & Shumking Mansion
Plus special guest band: Fuzzculture
& an indie music DJ set by Ze Macedo

Rolling Stone India said of Fuzzculture, “If you know how to start a party, you’re doing electronic music right…[Fuzzculture] are doing exactly that.”

So we’re put together some of the best electronic rock in Southeast Asia for you.
Learn more about the bands:
Turing Apples –
Shumking Mansion –
Fuzzculture –
DJ Ze Macedo –

Entrance w/one free drink:
$180 early bird
$200 regular
$250 at the door
Get into the party here –

“The Get Down” Junk Boat Party

“The Get Down” Junk Party
by All That Junk

Get Down Junk Boat Party Hong Kong

July 16th, 2017
10 am – 6pm, Central Ferry Pier #10

**********Two Junk Boats***********

+Live music entertainment on board each boat

+Free flow drinks – beer, vodka, gin with assorted mixers and soft drinks

+Homestyle lunch from La Rotisserie

+Fun floaties like flamingos and lemon slices

$620 early bird tickets

After July 10th , all tickets are $700

(If you have a favourite drink not listed above, please feel free to bring your own)

Note: If typhoon signal of 3 or higher is hoisted or an official Black Rainstorm Warning has issued before the junk trip, the event will be canceled. If typhoon signal 3 or higher is hoisted or a Black Rainstorm Warning is issued during the junk trip, for safety issues our junk will return to drop off point immediately regardless of time. No refunds will be given

Never-Ending Happy Hour: Hong Kong Pub Crawl

by Sandeep Sharma

So you’re new to Hong Kong – maybe you’re visiting for the weekend, maybe it’s a short holiday or maybe you’ve moved here for a typical white-collar job. On Google and by word of mouth from your Hong Kong long-timer friends you hear of Lan Kwai Fong. The name itself is quite a mouthful for a new expat yuppie, so you decide to venture out there with a friend of a friend to see what the nightlife is like. You’re drinking the 7-11 “Buy Two for $30” Apple ciders and being denied entry into Volar, Dragon I and basically any actual club. The streets are great but let’s face it, it’s full of either broke University kids or minors trying to Snapchat. That’s where Pub Crawl comes in – a guided tour through select bars and pubs in Hong Kong’s very own. With free shots at each of the selected seven bars of the night and discounted beers – it really serves as a vehicle for a newbie to venture out into Hong Kong and befriend expats and locals alike.

The night usually begins with some pre-gaming at the IFC rooftop followed by rounds through seven relatively decent quality pubs where there’s a free shot for every “Pub Crawler” and discounted drinks. The crowd of fresh blooded people -new to Hong Kong and still allowing the insane adrenaline of the city to sink into their skin – would remind anybody of their first few months in Hong Kong, where the parties ended at 8 am and more often than not, the mornings were spruced with a “walk of shame” and a wonderfully chirpy hangover. The relatively low price for joining ($100 HKD) unfortunately means that occasionally the crowd at the Pub Crawl may not be the best mannered or behaved lot.

The inherit problem with the pub-crawl is that it is truly something that suits the needs of visitors or the “once in a year” party animal – but not to those who are used to the debauchery which Hong Kong boasts of. While for a newbie it maybe nice to “get down” to some hip-hop at a bar with other “FOBs”, for those of us who know about the hyped clubs, ice bars and bunkers – it maybe a waste of money. The pubs selected are relatively obscure with the night ending with an entry to a decent dance club. This setting is ideal for the aforementioned people and truly it serves as a great way to introduce newbies into the decadence and moral dilemmas that Hong Kong so often puts us in. If the Pub Crawl actually went ahead and diversified itself to cater to the needs of the pseudo-party lovers then perhaps by expanding their base, they could cater to the varied needs of Hong Kong’s party animals.

After trying out the Pub Crawl, you might want to meet HK’s other party animals. Us! We’re partying for All That Junk‘s 1st Anniversary Party. Come join us 🙂

Billy Boozer’s – Kowloon’s Best Dive Bar?

Billy Boozer’s – Kowloon’s Best Dive Bar?


By Sandeep Sharma

When you tell an expat about a dive bar in Hong Kong, the first image in their minds is that of a seedy bar on the 5th floor of a dilapidated building in the run down streets of Mong Kok. In reality, Billy Boozers’ is just your run of the mill student and football fan bar where the drinks are cheap and you can occasionally find students gyrating on tabletops.

Located in Kowloon Tong, Billy Boozers’ is the unofficial go-to student bar for the students at City University of Hong Kong and Baptist University. Locals also frequent it especially during popular soccer matches. It has an unassuming appearance of an old school pub, a few TV’s , a dart board , no dress code and a popular rule – no leaving sober. Monday night is the go-to Billy’s Nights when there’s $25 HKD for double – whiskey coke, cheap beer towers, and fries has ruined Tuesday 9 am classes for years.

The crowd is friendly and excited as the football matches have the locals and international students hugging or crying – depending on whom you supported- but undoubtedly, the most amazing aspect of Billy’s is Marty Poon – the owner of Billy’s and the man personally responsible for ensuring that I never woke up before 1 pm the next day. With his iconic man-bun and infectious energy, Marty has always been a favorite of the exchange students who regularly keep in touch with him and pop into Billy’s for a few “easy drinks”.

In a city like Hong Kong where the first round of drinks is 1/10 my monthly allowance and everybody is donning Prada or Steve Madden, it’s refreshing to have a pub like Billy’s where the drinks are cheap and there is no air of pretentiousness that is so often associated with pubs in Soho and Lan Kwai Fong,

It caters to the needs of the customers and more often than not you can’t help but want to sip a cocktail at a bar where the lady next to you isn’t the wife of a banker.

Marty from Billy Boozer’s isn’t the only person who knows how to party. We’re partying for All That Junk‘s 1st Anniversary Party. Come join us 🙂 

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