“The Get Down” Junk Boat Party

“The Get Down” Junk Party
by All That Junk

Get Down Junk Boat Party Hong Kong

July 16th, 2017
10 am – 6pm, Central Ferry Pier #10

**********Two Junk Boats***********

+Live music entertainment on board each boat

+Free flow drinks – beer, vodka, gin with assorted mixers and soft drinks

+Homestyle lunch from La Rotisserie

+Fun floaties like flamingos and lemon slices

$620 early bird tickets

After July 10th , all tickets are $700

(If you have a favourite drink not listed above, please feel free to bring your own)

Note: If typhoon signal of 3 or higher is hoisted or an official Black Rainstorm Warning has issued before the junk trip, the event will be canceled. If typhoon signal 3 or higher is hoisted or a Black Rainstorm Warning is issued during the junk trip, for safety issues our junk will return to drop off point immediately regardless of time. No refunds will be given

Mysterious Celebrity Boat Deaths – The Last Chapter

Mysterious Celebrity Boat Deaths
The Last Chapter

Celebrity Junk Boat Hong Kong DeathsBy Ben Appleby

All That Junk brings you the last chapter of mysterious celebrity boat deaths. Hong Kong’s junk boat trips may be sun-drenched and alcohol tainted but everyone seems to find their way safely back to Pier 9. These poor souls have not.

Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood was one of the biggest Hollywood movie stars of her day, appearing in classics like Rebel Without a Cause and West Side Story. She was as well known for her tumultuous private life as she was for her acting career, having been married twice to fellow actor Robert Wagner, and being a regular on the Hollywood social scene for nearly three decades. In 1981 she was partying on a yacht off the coast of California with her husband, Wagner, and the actor Christopher Walken, who she was then filming the movie Brainstorm. Nobody knows (or admits to knowing) what actually happened that night, but the next morning her somewhat battered and bruised body was found floating in the water a mile away, near the yacht’s dingy which had been beached on the shore. The inquest declared it to be an accident, but recently the LA coroner reopened the case after the boat’s captain admitted having lied about the fact that the couple had fought that night, and changed the verdict to “undetermined”.

Suspicious? Her relationship with Wagner was famously rocky, and the presence of the dingy on a beach indicated that she had at least been alive when she left the boat. The captain of the yacht blames Wagner for her death, but let’s be honest, the presence of creepy Christopher Walken is also a factor in this. There’s no evidence to suggest that he was involved, but you must admit that Christopher Walken does look really creepy.

How to Avoid the same fate: If you get divorced, stay divorced. And you may be noticing a theme here, but try to avoid getting stupid drunk on a boat with other drunk people. Also, doing a headcount of passengers before bed doesn’t hurt.

John Jacob Astor IV

To buy into this mystery you kinda have to already be a bit of conspiracy nut, so consider yourself warned. In 1912, the JJ Astor IV drowned in the sinking of the Titanic. He was the most famous (and possibly richest) person on board, and while his pregnant wife and child survived, the “women and children first” policy meant that he went down with the ship, presumably while puffing on a cigar in a dignified fashion. He was famous enough for his death to be given almost equal prominence in newspaper headlines along with the news that the ship had sunk with over 1,500 other people. So here’s the conspiracy theory: White Star Lines, the company that built the Titanic was owned by JP Morgan, one of the richest men alive. At the time, there was a large debate going on about how the USA ran it’s finances. JP Morgan, amongst others, was a strong supporter of the formation of what we now know as the US Federal Reserve, an institution that I totally don’t understand, but seems to be at the heart of most paranoid theories about a secret world government. JJ Astor, and the wider Astor family were very much against the formation of the Fed. Morgan himself was due to sail on the ship, along with many other powerful figures of the day, but changed his plans at the last moment. The theory goes that the ship that sank that fateful night wasn’t even the Titanic, but it’s sister ship the Olympic, which Morgan deliberately sank in order to take out his rivals.

Suspicious? The sinking of the Titanic is an event so iconic that it would be weird if there weren’t conspiracies surrounding it. The idea that the boat that sank wasn’t even the Titanic is a little hard to swallow, but the notion that a powerful robber baron / captain of industry like JP Morgan was willing to murder over 1,500 people to hide the deaths of just a handful of wealthy rivals is almost too terrifying to contemplate.

How to Avoid a Similar Fate: If we assume that the theory is correct (which it obviously isn’t), then really the only thing to do is buy your own megayacht, and surround yourself with enough other important people that you can’t all get killed without someone asking questions.

Have all these stories of untimely nautical doom made you ready to pop your own magnum of Champagne and play Big Pimpin on a yacht like a real celeb? You can find some of Hong Kong’s best boating adventure deals here. Also you can read the first chapter of Mysterious Celebrity Boat Deaths here.


A Beginners Guide to Hiring a Junk Boat – The Checklist

For your next or first ever HK junk boat hire, we have a simplified checklist to plan and budget your trip is available here.

Beginner’s Guide To Hiring a Junk Boat – The Checklist

For your next or first ever HK junk boat hire, we have a simplified checklist to plan and budget your trip is available here.

By Inge Roggeveen

All That Junk is here to help. For your next or first ever HK junk boat hire, we are sharing a simplified checklist to help you plan and budget your trip.

You’re going to need to hire a boat. To choose the right boat, consider:

The number of guests
> Boats range from ~20 pax to ~100 pax; most boats will be in the 25-45 pax range. The maximum number – for your own safety – is a strict limit.

Type of boat
>Hiring a junk boat in Hong Kong comes with a variety of boats. There are traditional Hong Kong wooden boats, slick yachts, three-story boats, boats with Jacuzzis, boats with cooks, boats with slides, or maybe even two boats – you name it.

Most junk boats have a range of catering options, simply ask for food menus. Arranging food through your junk boat simplifies things and also means you don’t have to worry about getting your food on board on the day.
However, menu options may be limited or not to your liking. If this is the case, you’ll need to find an outside caterer and arrange for delivery on the day at the ferry pier. This website is a great resource for finding your catering options.

Ask your junk boat company about available drinks packages. Alternatively, you may wish to save cost and tell your guests to bring their own, or go to a liquor store and negotiate a package with exactly the drinks you want.
Finally: water and soft drinks are easily overlooked. So are cups and ice. Make sure to clarify with your boat provider what they will/will not provide on board.

A checklist for junk boat rental in Hong Kong

 Miscellaneous
There are all kinds of add-on features available for junk boats. Inflatable trampolines, on-board masseuses, on-board chefs, cupcakes, ice popsicles, clowns, DJs – the sky is the limit! Browse this website for ideas.

No party without music! Your junk boat company may arrange for music and/or you may want to play your own music. On a lot of boats you can connect your smartphone directly to the sound system, but make sure to check in advance to avoid disappointment.

Guest list
You’re hosting a party for a good number of people, likely 20 or more! To ensure you don’t forget anyone, and to help check attendance on the day: make a list. Indicate who’s been invited, if they’ve confirmed, and (if you’re charging) whether they’ve paid. A sample guest list can be found here.

On the day
It’s the big day! It might be stressful – hang in there, you can relax as soon as everyone is on board. Make sure to bring:
• Your guest list
• Contact details for your junk captain and other vendors (if any)
• Sun screen, bathing suit, towel and other supplies
And, perhaps most importantly, tell your guests that meeting time is 15 minutes prior to actual departure time. Boats typically only have a few minutes to berth and get everyone on board, a little white lie to ensure nobody misses out, won’t hurt!

Too much work? Gather your friends and join All That Junk‘s Get Down Junk Boat Party. Let us do all the planning for you!

All That Junk’s Mission

All That Junk: the new online searchable directory for junk boats

Mission Statement

All That Junk: the new online searchable directory for junk boats in Hong Kong aspires to become the online resource for people wanting to hire junk boats and wanting help in planning their junk boat trips — whether for nighttime squid fishing, for an evening dinner party on the harbour, or for an extravagant party under the sun.

Many publications will just provide you with a short list of the usual boat companies in Hong Kong but All That Junk wants you to know what else is out there. Have you ever chartered a junk boat trip for 55 people? Have you ever rented an inflatable trampoline? Have you been deep-sea fishing? No? Now you can by contacting Hong Kong’s junk boat companies through All That Junks extensive boating directory. Play around in the search, find a squid fishing boat or discover deep-sea fishing or inquire about inflatable platforms for lounging on the sea.

All That Junk wants to always bring you more! You will find much more than just a boating directory on this website. You can find the top songs of the summer or the top tips for planning junk boat parties on our All That Blog. You can recommend your favorite boat companies or share boating nightmares in our All That Talk forum.

All That Junk is Hong Kong’s best resource for junk boat rental!

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